Entry befelatanana
Elementary words be ; felatanana
Part of speech noun
Explanations in Malagasy Karazan-javamaniry be ravina (Medemia nobilis Callerand-Palmiers) [1.1]
Explanations in English A species of fan-palm, so called from the fancied resemblance of its fronds to outspread hands [1.2]
Explanations in French  [Merina, Tsimihety] (de be : beaucoup et felatanana: la main avec les doigts écartés; les feuilles sont comparées à de nombreuses mains aux doigts écartés). Nom donné à deux Palmiers : - Medemia nobilis (Hildebrandt & H. Wendl.) Drude (Arecaceae) - Borassus madagascariensis Bojer. (Arecaceae) Le nom a la même étymologie que notre mot « palmier » : la paume de la main. Communs sur la côte Ouest, ces palmiers étaient rares en Imerina et frappaient l'imagination par leur port magnifique. Ils ont donné leur nom à l'hôpital principal de Tananarive construit au début du siècle en un lieu où existaient quelques uns de ces arbres. [1.196]
Scientific name Borassus madagascariensis, Medemia nobilis
Analogs  fela tanana

Entry Befelatanana
Part of speech name (toponym) [full list]
Explanations in English A medical school was established by Governor-General Galliéni in 1897 at the Befelatanana Hospital in Tananarive to train Malagasy medical auxiliaries for the colonial health system. The school and its students have played an important role in Malagasy politics. The 1915 secret society Vy Vato Sakelika was centered on the school, and such graduates as Joseph Ravoahangy were important figures in the nationalist movement. In 1972 the school served as a detonator for the May 1972 Revolution when its students went on strike to protest the subordination of their degrees to those handed out under French auspices by the Faculty of Medecine of the University of Madagascar. In 1997 the school was closed and its functions divided between the Faculty of Medecine and training programs for midwives and paramedical personnel [2.552]
Examples Tery ambony andrefana hiditra an' i Befelatanana aho, no nahita zazalahy roa lahy niady. [2.4]
Coordinates 1855, 4732

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