Him, her, it, them; his, hers, its, theirs. Accusative and possessive case of izy. [Richardson 1885]
him, her, it, them (as object); his, hers, its, theirs [Hallanger 1973]
His, hers, its, theirs, that, which; by him, her, them, or it. [Richardson 1885]
Tranony [trano]. His, her, its or their house. [Richardson 1885]
Satrony [satroka]. His, her, its or their hat or hats. [Richardson 1885]
Tongony [tongotra]. His, her, its or their foot or feet. [Richardson 1885]
It is usual to elide the y of this word when followed by the article ny, and substitute it with an apostrophe, as: Tranon'ny olona: a person's house. Lazain'ny raiko: told by my father. [Richardson 1885]
his, her, its. their ; by him, by her, by it, by them. [Hallanger 1973]