Entry ma
Part of speech noun
Explanations in Malagasy  [Taisaka] Omby [1.78]
 Feon' ny omby izay somary mitarotaroka no mafy; fitrenan' ny omby. [1.1]
Explanations in English The lowing of cattle [1.7]
Explanations in French Beuglement des boeufs [1.8]
Synonyms mama

Entry ma
Part of speech adjective
Explanations in French  [Vezo] Voir mama [1.68]
Compound words 

Entry ma~
Part of speech prefix [Words with ma~]
Explanations in English Prefix used to form adjectives and verbs, as : lòto, filth; malòto, dirty; hita, seen; mahita, to [1.7]
Explanations in French Prefixe qui forme des adjectifs et des verbes; ex.: loto, saleté; maloto, sale; hita, vu; mahita [1.8]
 Prefixe qui sert à former des adjectifs et des verbes avec des radicaux commençant par une consonne. Madio, propre (du radical dio). Matory, dormir (du radical tory). [maanyan: ma-] [1.6]

Entry ma
Part of speech interjection [full list]
Explanations in French  [Tankarana] Interjection d'admiration. [1.19]

Entry ma
Part of speech particule [full list]
Explanations in Malagasy  [Sihanaka] Moa [1.78]

Entry ma
Part of speech feminine adjective
Explanations in Malagasy -ko. Ma soeur, anabaviko, rahavaviko [1.4]
 -ko. Ma chère, ry malalako [1.9]

Updated on 2023/03/02