Entry hazarina (hazary)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in Malagasy Amosavina, vorehina [1.1]
Explanations in English To be charmed, to be enchanted, to be bewitched. [1.2]
Present : hazarina, hazariko, hazarinao, hazariny, hazarintsika, hazarinay, hazarinareo, hazarin', hazarin-, hazarim-, hazari-
Past : nohazarina, nohazariko, nohazarinao, nohazariny, nohazarintsika, nohazarinay, nohazarinareo, nohazarin', nohazarin-, nohazarim-, nohazari-
Future : hohazarina, hohazariko, hohazarinao, hohazariny, hohazarintsika, hohazarinay, hohazarinareo, hohazarin', hohazarin-, hohazarim-, hohazari-
Imperative : hazaro


Updated on 2023/01/20