Entry boronina (borona)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English To be made to have nothing to pay money lost in betting [1.2]
Present : boronina, boroniko, boroninao, boroniny, boronintsika, boroninay, boroninareo, boronin', boronin-, boronim-, boroni-
Past : noboronina, noboroniko, noboroninao, noboroniny, noboronintsika, noboroninay, noboroninareo, noboronin', noboronin-, noboronim-, noboroni-
Future : hoboronina, hoboroniko, hoboroninao, hoboroniny, hoboronintsika, hoboroninay, hoboroninareo, hoboronin', hoboronin-, hoboronim-, hoboroni-
Imperative : borony

Updated on 2023/01/20