Entry nofinantina > finantina (fantina)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English [passive with infix] [1.2]
Explanations in French Choisi, trié [1.3]
Present : finantina, finantiko, finantinao, finantiny, finantintsika, finantinay, finantinareo, finantin', finantin-, finantim-, finanti-
Past : nofinantina, nofinantiko, nofinantinao, nofinantiny, nofinantintsika, nofinantinay, nofinantinareo, nofinantin', nofinantin-, nofinantim-, nofinanti-
Future : hofinantina, hofinantiko, hofinantinao, hofinantiny, hofinantintsika, hofinantinay, hofinantinareo, hofinantin', hofinantin-, hofinantim-, hofinanti-
Synonyms voafantina