Entry -bina
Part of speech morphological form of vina

Entry bina
Part of speech adjective
Explanations in Malagasy Milaza fivontosana, fibontsinana [1.1]
Synonyms binaka ~ binabina ~ binabinaka

Entry bina
Part of speech noun
Explanations in English The name of an insect [1.2]
Explanations in French Nom d'un insecte [1.3]

Entry Bina
Part of speech proverbial name [full list]
1Tsy niteny kelikely Bina. [2.499]
2Niandrandra nijery an'i Bina izy. [2.314]
Compound words, titles, names 

Entry Bina
Part of speech name (book title)
Author Rajaonarivelo Auguste, 1933
Publishings 1933. Imprimerie de l' Imerina.
1957. Trano Printy Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy.
1971. Trano Printy Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy.
1993. Trano Printy Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy. Width: 13,5cm. Height: 21cm. Pages: 118".
Description Roman ayant obtenu le prix "Les Belles-Lettres" en 1933
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