Entry bazabazaina (bazabaza)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English To be made to diverge, to be stretched apart, as the legs. [1.2]
Present : bazabazaina, bazabazaiko, bazabazainao, bazabazainy, bazabazaintsika, bazabazainay, bazabazainareo, bazabazain', bazabazain-, bazabazaim-, bazabazai-
Past : nobazabazaina, nobazabazaiko, nobazabazainao, nobazabazainy, nobazabazaintsika, nobazabazainay, nobazabazainareo, nobazabazain', nobazabazain-, nobazabazaim-, nobazabazai-
Future : hobazabazaina, hobazabazaiko, hobazabazainao, hobazabazainy, hobazabazaintsika, hobazabazainay, hobazabazainareo, hobazabazain', hobazabazain-, hobazabazaim-, hobazabazai-
Imperative : bazabazao


Updated on 2023/01/20