Entry atodizana (atody)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English To be laid (of an egg) [1.7]
Explanations in French Qui est pondu [1.8]
Present : atodizana, atodizako, atodizanao, atodizany, atodizantsika, atodizanay, atodizanareo, atodizan', atodizan-, atodizam-, atodiza-
Past : natodizana, natodizako, natodizanao, natodizany, natodizantsika, natodizanay, natodizanareo, natodizan', natodizan-, natodizam-, natodiza-
Future : hatodizana, hatodizako, hatodizanao, hatodizany, hatodizantsika, hatodizanay, hatodizanareo, hatodizan', hatodizan-, hatodizam-, hatodiza-

Updated on 2023/01/20