Entry aroky
Part of speech adverb [full list]
Explanations in English  [Provincial] Provincial for ary, yonder [1.2]

Entry aroky
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in Malagasy Entina mamitaka, mametsy, manambaka [1.1]
Present : aroky, arokiko, arokinao, arokiny, arokintsika, arokinay, arokinareo, arokin', arokin-, arokim-
Past : naroky, narokiko, narokinao, narokiny, narokintsika, narokinay, narokinareo, narokin', narokin-, narokim-
Future : haroky, harokiko, harokinao, harokiny, harokintsika, harokinay, harokinareo, harokin', harokin-, harokim-
Imperative : arokio


Updated on 2022/05/02