Entry apatsika (patsika)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English  [Provincial] To be embedded in, as anything between the teeth, or a bullet or spear in the flesh of an animal [1.2]
Present : apatsika, apatsiko, apatsikao, apatsiny, apatsitsika, apatsikay, apatsikareo, apatsik', apatsi-
Past : napatsika, napatsiko, napatsikao, napatsiny, napatsitsika, napatsikay, napatsikareo, napatsik', napatsi-
Future : hapatsika, hapatsiko, hapatsikao, hapatsiny, hapatsitsika, hapatsikay, hapatsikareo, hapatsik', hapatsi-
Imperative : apatsiho

Entry apatsika (paka)
Part of speech passive verb apaka and pronoun
Explanations in Malagasy  apaka [3.1]


Updated on 2023/01/23