Entry ampangaina (ampanga)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in Malagasy Tondroina ho nanao ratsy, torina: Ampangainao ho nanao izany aho, nefa tsy teto akory aho tamin' io fotoana io [1.1]
Explanations in English To be accused of, to be charged with. [1.2]
 To be accused [1.7]
Explanations in French Qu'on accuse, qu'on dénonce [1.8]
Present : ampangaina, ampangaiko, ampangainao, ampangainy, ampangaintsika, ampangainay, ampangainareo, ampangain', ampangain-, ampangaim-, ampangai-
Past : nampangaina, nampangaiko, nampangainao, nampangainy, nampangaintsika, nampangainay, nampangainareo, nampangain', nampangain-, nampangaim-, nampangai-
Future : hampangaina, hampangaiko, hampangainao, hampangainy, hampangaintsika, hampangainay, hampangainareo, hampangain', hampangain-, hampangaim-, hampangai-
Imperative : ampangao


Updated on 2023/01/20