Entry amidy (vidy)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in Malagasy Omena hovidiana: Amidinao ve itỳ vorona itỳ?
Entina mividy: Iny vola roapolo, ka ariary folo hamidy siramamy ary ariary folo hamidy sigara [1.1]
Explanations in English See vidy. [1.2]
 To be sold; for sale [1.7]
Explanations in French Qu'on vend; à vendre [1.8]
Present : amidy, amidiko, amidinao, amidiny, amidintsika, amidinay, amidinareo, amidin', amidin-, amidim-
Past : namidy, namidiko, namidinao, namidiny, namidintsika, namidinay, namidinareo, namidin', namidin-, namidim-
Future : hamidy, hamidiko, hamidinao, hamidiny, hamidintsika, hamidinay, hamidinareo, hamidin', hamidin-, hamidim-
Imperative : amidio
Compound words 


Updated on 2023/01/20