Entry afahitra (fahitra)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English  [Provincial] Used of that which is enclosed in a pen [1.2]
Present : afahitra, afahitro, afahitrao, afahiny, afahitsika, afahitray, afahitrareo, afahitr', afahi-, afahitry
Past : nafahitra, nafahitro, nafahitrao, nafahiny, nafahitsika, nafahitray, nafahitrareo, nafahitr', nafahi-, nafahitry
Future : hafahitra, hafahitro, hafahitrao, hafahiny, hafahitsika, hafahitray, hafahitrareo, hafahitr', hafahi-, hafahitry
Imperative : afahiro


Updated on 2023/02/26