Entry ababoka (baboka)
Part of speech passive verb
Explanations in English  [Provincial] To be laid prostrate, as a fallen tree [1.2]
Present : ababoka, ababoko, ababokao, ababony, ababotsika, ababokay, ababokareo, ababok', ababo-, ababoky
Past : nababoka, nababoko, nababokao, nababony, nababotsika, nababokay, nababokareo, nababok', nababo-, nababoky
Future : hababoka, hababoko, hababokao, hababony, hababotsika, hababokay, hababokareo, hababok', hababo-, hababoky
Imperative : ababohy

Updated on 2023/01/19