Entry ota
Part of speech noun
Explanations in Malagasy Hadisoana, heloka natao (indrindra tamin' Andriamanitra)
¶ Fandikana didy na fitsipika na zavatra tsy azo atao: Ota fady [Rajemisa 1985]
Explanations in English sin [Hallanger 1973]
Explanations in French faute, transgression, violation; qui manque, qui oublie, qui rapporte mal les paroles de quelqu'un [Abinal 1888]
 péché [Hallanger 1974]
Compound words, titles, names 

Entry ota
Part of speech adjective
Explanations in English wrong, out of place [Hallanger 1973]
Explanations in French qui manque le but; omis [Hallanger 1974]

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