Entry r
Part of speech noun (symbol)
Explanations in Malagasy Tarehintsoratra fahenina ambin'ny folo ary renisoratra faharoa ambin'ny folo amin'ny abidy malagasy. Amin'ny fanakambanan-teny, ny r dia lasa dr: tapaka roa = tapa-droa; toy izany koa raha mitovona man mba hanaovana matoanteny: man + ray = mandray. [1.1]
Explanations in English The sixteenth letter of the Malagasy Alphabet. It is produced as r in rare.It is never lost in combination with other words. When a word is ending in -NA (or -ny) is joined to one commencing with r, d is inserted to the bridge over the sound of n and r, as: Tanan-droa [tanana and roa]. When a word ending in -ka or-tra is joined with another commencing with r, the -ka or -tra is omitted, and d is again prefixed to the r, as: Satro-dRabe [satroky or satroka and rabe], avara-drova [avaratra and rova]. When the verbal prefix Man- is added to words beginning with r, d is inserted, as Mandre [Man- and re]. [1.2]
Explanations in French Seizième lettre et douzième consonne de l'alphabet malgache. [1.3]
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